Business Philosophy

SVETA will function as a “not for profit” organization with a central purpose of serving the devotees in the Greater Seattle area, to promote and nurture the Hindu way of life. The organization will have the religious purpose of serving as a place of worship to the devotees as well as a place to promote and celebrate the Indian culture, through its cultural wing. The organization will provide a place for all, regardless of the ethnicity and background to practice and learn about Indian culture, traditions and values. The pent up desire among the religious minded settlers of greater Seattle area to have a place of worship that adheres to Vedic traditions is the single biggest source of demand for the services that will be offered by SVETA As a temple organization that is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara as its main deity, the temple’s puja and other religious ceremonies will be conducted as per the traditions observed in the Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam (TTD) of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The mission of Sri Venkateswara Vedic Education and Training Academy (SVETA) is to:

  1. Maintain a formal place of worship for the practice of Hindu religion, with Lord Venkateswara as the main deity of worship.
  2. Promote religious, cultural, moral and spiritual growth for children, adults and seniors based on Hindu scriptures.
  3. Provide a place for all regardless of the ethnicity and background to practice and learn about Indian culture, traditions and values.
SVETA will accomplish its Mission through the following 3 main centers/activities:

Lakshmi Venkateswara Temple (LV Temple) (SVETA Spiritual Center):

The primary mission of the LV Temple is to cater to the spiritual needs of all Indian families and to celebrate all important milestones, rituals and festivals in a true traditional manner in its premises. SriVenkateswara Vedic education and training academy  
    1. Prayer sessions, worshiping of deities, pujas, religious ceremonies
    2. Celebration of Indian cultural and religious festivals, events and days
    3. Addresses the spiritual needs of adults through spirituality seminars and discourses
    4. Classes on Hindu vedic scriptures to teach all youngsters the basics of Hinduism through scriptures and stories that highlight the important values of the religion

Hamsadhwani (SVETA Fine Arts Center)

Main purpose of Hamsadhwani is to give an opportunity to inculcate Hindu values and culture into our family life and instill pride in Indian heritage through promoting cultural awareness within our children, youth and adults
      1. Provide the infrastructure to teach and promote various Indian languages, arts and culture through various classes to children and youth
      2. To fulfill the cultural and spiritual needs of devotees by promoting Classical music, dance, art, scriptures and meditation by organizing cultural programs and shows on a regular basis

Sangha Seva Samiti (SVETA SEVA Center)

    1. To support humanitarian and charitable causes through activities such as food bank donations, feeding the poor and volunteering at other social organizations
    2. To encourage inter-religious activities to promote understanding of different religions, cultures and ethnic heritages
    3. Opportunities for youth leadership, mentoring, and volunteerism